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Cancellations & Refunds

As this is a part time, in home venture for me I have minimal long term space for storage of blooms. This means I buy in exactly what I need for when I need it and never have floral's and foliage at home in wait for the next order. This also helps to keep the flowers fresh and means you get to enjoy their beauty for longer. 

There for, all orders and must be paid for in full at time of confirmation. If you need to cancel your order this must be done at least two working days before the order is due to go out. Refunds will be given out in full if no purchase has been made to fulfill your order. If such purchase has been made you will be refunded the cost of delivery and 35% of the flower price. 

Our wedding deposit is non-refundable. We get right in to planning and wedding prep just like you so this deposit is a partial payment for the time spent in pre-planning. The sketching, the research, the lists and the finding of the spots of where the delicious textures and foliage will come from for your wedding day.  The $200 deposit will come off the final costing of your flowers and the balance paid in the days before your wedding day.