The meaning of the word

FeBella ::: Verb
Translating to Fly Beautiful or Beautiful Feminine. Used to describe ones creativity and desire to free the inner song bird and fly beautiful in the currents of life.
Origin ::: Early millennium from Italian and imagination. 

Febella is a word that was made in 2012 when a group of young women from many different cultural backgrounds where out and about talking dreams and fancies, sipping wine in dappled sunshine on the banks of one of many dutch canals. This afternoon of laughter sunshine and wine spawned many ideas of which some have come to fruition. One of these is FeBella Flowers. 

When I relate to FeBella though, I am embodying a wee flower fairy. A beautiful creature with long flowing red hair, an ever so slightly turned up nose and slightly pointed ears. She has large deep green eyes like the colour of Kahurangi Pounamu with thick long lashes and lush rose bud lips. She is young (for a fairy) and still holds on to her child like appearance, though for anyone who looks closely, the wisdom in her eyes hints at her true age.  FeBella, like me is a lover of the seasons, of colours and textures and all things whimsical and she absoluetley loves to dress up. It is not uncommon to catch her in beautiful garment's spun from the day's magic. One of my favorites to date was just recently a stunning maxi woven with the silver thread of a spider and scattered with frosty morning dew like so many diamonds shining in the sun.