Caitlin Joy


The creative soul behind Febella flowers.
I do all the design, quoting and creation, floral ordering, web design, social media and accounting. The best part is the design, meeting with clients, foraging for treats and receiving my flower order (always SUPER exciting!) I love to create beautiful bouquets, archways, hanging floral installations-actually any installation pieces, floral pillars, ceremony backdrops and anything else you may throw at me-I also love a challenge. Floristry is my passion and I just love bringing the beauty and peace of nature to any space. I run Febella part time, filling the rest of my days with tutoring, bar tending at Evil Genius, consulting on colour for interior’s and exterior’s, walking with Peaches or getting creative in my home studio.
My goal is to one day open a more public studio space combining my love of floristry, with my other passion’s for coloured, emotive interiors with plants-Caitlin Joy Botanical Stylist (website still to come) and permacultural gardens.